3 June 2003 2:00PM Height and Weight Yester…

3 June 2003


Height and Weight

Yesterday, my mom took Paul for his typhoid shot yesterday since I had to go to work (wah, it’s the first time I didn’t take him to the doctor!). I checked his baby book and was so surprised to find out that he’s 44lbs, and 3 feet 5 inches tall! That’s the surprising part…I can’t imagine him to be so big! He’s still a baby!!! (Am in denial.)

I hugged him close yesterday and I told him that I want to keep on doing that while I can, because one day, he won’t smell as nice and he won’t let me come as close.

Sigh…he’s starting school next week. I’m an old hag already. Time to have a new kid! (Stan will have a heart attack when he sees this entry…sige, time for a new kid in a couple more years!)

28 May 2003



We always pray before going to bed. I’d be the one to say the sign of the cross, and then Paul does the body of the prayer (“Dear Papa Jesus and Mama Mary, please bless my mom and dad and me and yaya, etc.).

A few weeks ago, he’s actually picked up the sign of the cross and is the one who says it by himself! It kinda surprised me and made me proud at the same time.

So each night, after we brush our teeth together and I put on his disposables, we pray then he takes his milk.


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