26 May 2003 8:11AM Wedding Day (Story) They…

26 May 2003


Wedding Day (Story)

They say that a light rain on the wedding day is a sign of good luck. But for my sister and her (then fiancée), it rained 2 days previously, plus on the day itself.

I left the house early with my entire family to check in at the hotel, The Peninsula. The sun was peeking through the clouds then, so we thought we were up for warmer weather at church.

As we waited for the makeup artist to arrive, we relished the “last few moments” we had alone with Candy, our sister who was going to be married that day. We fixed her wedding gown on the mannequin, took some pictures, ate empanadas together.

Finally, Eric Maningat, the makeup artist, arrived. I was the first one to be made up. At this time, everything was still relaxed. It was only at around half past noon to one when things started becoming more hectic. More people arrived (the crew from Imacron plus kulit Dominic, Patrick and his guys, Tita Rita and HER guys) and the suite, which was huge, was quite filled.

It was funny, seeing Candy dressed in a wedding gown. Don’t get me wrong, she looked absolutely radiant and every bit like a bride, but then, in my eyes, she still looked like that little girl I used to play princess with. She’d throw her ratty yellow blanket over her head, with the ultimate high heels for kids and strut around in that. No, she didn’t look like she was ready to get married to me. But then, of course, she’s all grown up now.

After all the family pictorials, we finally left for the church at around half past two. Light rains pitter-pattered on the windows of the car…a sign of good luck. J

I was surprised to see a lot of people already. (Candy and Jim had decided to put the time for the ceremony half an hour early in anticipation for people who arrived late…apparently, they were all excited, they arrived “on time”, as stated in the invitation.)

Paul, the Ring and Coin Bearer

I didn’t have to wait too long for Paul and Stan to arrive. , my son looked absolutely adorable in his little barong, black pants and shoes. What made it all the more cute was that he and Stan both wore barongs! Aw!!!

I asked for the pillow he was to carry, so we could practice as we waited for the priest to arrive. Though he seemed hesitant at first, he remembered all we told him (how to walk for his Sae, how to hold the pillow, how I’d be at the end, waiting for him).

When we finally marched down the aisle, he was able to do it without much hitch…with Stan putting a hand on his shoulder to let him know that he was just right behind him. Proud parents!

Here Comes The Bride…

Candy looked absolutely lovely in her bustier gown. And, she looked like she was crying too. Not too much, just tears brimming her eyes, trying not to ruin her makeup. You could see it, especially when she kissed mom and dad “goodbye” and was handed to Jim.

The marriage rites were beautiful. And was the homily of Fr. Johnny, a teacher of Candy’s in undergrad. Even Gigi, my other sister, and I, were teary-eyed.

Not long after, they were married and Fr. Johnny asked Jim to “kiss the bride”.


After the ceremony, Stan, Paul, Yaya and I headed for the hotel. We had some family portraits taken at the makeshift studio in one of the function rooms. Paul had a lot of fun running around. (On hindsight, I should have let him go and not hold his hand much…it made him squirm a lot less.)

Dinner was pretty good but I didn’t stay around much. Wanted to catch up with Tita Rita and the other guys like Patrick and Dominic, so I hung around them to chitchat.

The reception proceeded as usual, with some song numbers from friends, and the host (Calvin Millado)…who, BTW, was quite good.

Happy Ever After

It was a happy day, really. Of course, a little sad, but mostly happy. Candy and Jim will be off on their honeymoon tomorrow, and we’ll be seeing them after around three weeks. I’m surely looking forward to that day.


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