25 May 2003 5:06AM Wedding Day Nope, it’s n…

25 May 2003


Wedding Day

Nope, it’s not mine…it’s my sister’s wedding day. It actually feels like mine, since I’m the one awake, the one who can’t sleep. Weird.

I was up for the past 45 minutes. I wonder what woke me up…maybe the rustling of Paul’s sheets as he moved in his mattress. I lay in bed wondering whether I couldn’t sleep the day before my wedding. And if ever I didn’t, I decided I ran on pure adrenaline. I doubt it, I’m sure I got sleep—mom made sure of that.

I wonder what time I got up on the 14th of March, four years ago. I wonder if we had lunch at the hotel or whether mom bought us take-out. I wonder what we’ll have for lunch today. (We’re supposed to leave for the hotel at quarter till nine.)

I can’t help but feel a little sad that my sister will be married soon, and live away from us. However, this does signify the start of something beautiful.

I can’t help but wish that they live happily ever after.


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