19 May 2003 8:38 AM Toilet Training More of…

19 May 2003

8:38 AM

Toilet Training

More often the past weeks, Paul’s been having less and less “accidents” in terms of toilet training. In fact, sometimes he stays dry all night! He’d wake up and the thing he’d say after “mommy” (assuming he sees me first and not yaya), “wee-wee”.

Does this mean he’s kind of toilet trained himself? A few months, ago, yaya tried toilet training at night (waking him up to pee). Unfortunately, he’d be really mad being woken up. Yaya stopped first as it would really bother Paul.

Now, he’d just get up in the morning and be asked to take to the bathroom, how great!!!

“Please blow your nose”

I’ve always been glad that Paul’s pa-cute has helped him learn to blow his nose. Imagine his pa-cute look: a scrunched up face, coupled with a big exhalation through the nose. The very first time he got a cold, he could already blow his nose! No need for aspirators!

With his cold now, it really helps a lot! Thanks goodness!!

16 May 2003

2:55 PM

Weird Nagging Feelings

Do you ever get them? I do, a lot of the time when something’s wrong (Stan can never ever have a girl other than me, bwahahahahaha!)

We were supposed to watch “Matrix Reloaded” tonight with a few friends. Nothing firm has been planned so it was a scramble to get how many tickets this morning as Stan was passing by Greenhills Theater. He ended up getting six.

Until a few minutes ago, I wondered who were going. I had assumed that it would be a couple of our high school friends and the girls they were dating—until I asked one of them. Apparently, the friend that Stan talked to had mentioned to buy four tickets, and Stan added the two of us = six tickets. Stan had assumed that this friend of ours had included the other friend who was watching…apparently not.

I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I actually asked, if not, we’d be seven people there with six tickets.

Must have been a dog in my past life. I can “sniff” these things…

15 May 2003

8:45 AM


I guess this topic has to come up sometime or another. I’ve actually been thinking about this the past few days. I do wonder why. No one has died recently anyway.

I worry about my son when I die. I’m sure that some people love him as much as I do, but will that be enough? Who will play with him? Who will listen to him when he talks? Who will teach him new things?

No, I can’t die yet.


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