12 may 2003 1:27 pm Mothers’ Day 2003 Yeste…

12 may 2003

1:27 pm

Mothers’ Day 2003

Yesterday, was my 3rd Mothers’ Day! (Paul was born in March, so my first mothers’ day was in May of that year). We spent it like most weekends—the only difference was that we ate out twice that day.

For lunch, we joined my family at Super Bowl along Jupiter. Paul was a bundle of energy! We made him sing “Fly Me to the Moon” several times and he actually did! (This is the second standard he’s learned, the first being “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”!) He knows several lines of the song and can sing it with a bit of a tune (as opposed to just “rapping” it)!

He really cracked us up by singing and doing his funny antics! He ate a lot of fookien fried rice and noodles (his favorite). In fact, he even nearly finished the dessert that was especially for mom!

We went home after that and he took a nap almost immediately after he lay down. (Pooped!)

I spent the afternoon at Greenhills while Stan played badminton at Club Filipino.

We left a bit early to go to the mall (Greenbelt) before dinnertime. (Paul was like, “Let’s go to the mall na!”) Tebs, Stan’s brother, joined us. It was a humid night so all of us were perspiring (Paul’s head was WET!).

We first went to Music One, a music shop (obviously!), but Paul got bored quite easily. I took him to Kish (a lifestyle store—furniture) and he enjoyed looking at the things inside. He enjoyed the frog at the end of the hall the most. We had to go back there several times that night for him to look at it.

At around quarter past seven, we went to the restaurant (Grappa’s, Italian) to wait for my in-laws. I ordered a mushroom risotto as I figured that’s what Paul would like. Boy, was he starved! He kept going, “Chia chia na! Hungry!” (translated from Chinese: Eat na, hungry!). Good thing there was bread and that kept him a bit quiet.

He was really hyper—I don’t know where he got all the energy, really…he kept calling for his “Angkong” and “Amah” and “Nana” and “Tata” to have dinner. (Stan was absolutely horrified at this point. While all of us were just laughing!)

Finally the risotto was served and ate he did…a lot. Nearly half my plate! When he was done, he began to be “noisy” again…(Stan was horrified again…he tried telling Paul off but to no avail!) I decided to take him to Kish again (this time with Yaya) so he could show her the frog. He was bouncing along the way! He shower her the frog, and then said “bye” to the sales lady (who we saw two times earlier that night!)

When we got back to the restaurant, Paul was uber-hyper still, Tebs decided to take him down to the fountain to look at all the colors. It really made an impact on him since he was talking about that when we got home.

As can be guessed, he fell asleep soon enough after brushing his teeth, praying and drinking his milk. Full day for a little boy!

11 may 2003

2:22 pm

toddlers’ soiree

Last Saturday, friends of ours invited us and other couples (plus their kids) to a playgroup (at that time, we had nothing to call it yet). There was Angela (Al and Beth’s daughter), Mason and Kyra (Jeff and Michelle’s children), Nico (Dan and Jing’s son) and Paul (our kid!). It was so fun!!!

Beth had brought down some of Angela’s toys for the kids to share. She prepared tiny pancakes, pizza (Yellow Cab), pastries (from Red Ribbon) and juice.

It was so fun because it allowed our children to be with others their age. As expected, they didn’t play together (they only parallel play at this age), but it was so cute seeing all of them there.

We hope to put another one together soon.


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