7:54 pm can’t stop talking! it’s true…once…

7:54 pm

can’t stop talking!

it’s true…once they get started, they don’t stop…

for the longest time (it seemed), paul didn’t like being with new people, he literally froze up when he met stan’s relatives (my guess is that they were a wee bit to boisterous for him), nor his ninong thomas, or some of our friends who paid too much attention to him.

then one day, he seemed to totally snap out of it! i’m trying to recall now when that day was…i’m sure it was before we went to teacher didi’s school…thereabouts. now, he still sometimes freezes up, but he warms up rather quickly compared to before. he talks a mile a minute (probably taken from one of his ninongs, my brother-in-law sandy)!

on our way to stan’s office earlier to drop something off, he talked to me on and on about the stoplights. on and on and on! there was a bit of traffic when we were going to tektite, so he got kinda tired waiting–he’d ask ruben (the driver) to move the car, then he was really excited about going to stan’s office and riding the elevators.

THEN when we got there, he nearly didn’t want to go in! (relatively new place…maybe he remembered this lolo nonoy was there and didn’t want to see him–the naughty boy!) i convinced him that he needed to walk to get to his dad’s office. we eventually got there, and he hugged and kissed stan when he saw him. he even asked stan to open the curtains so he can see what’s behind them (“dad, what’s behind the curtain?”). when stan drew them, he said excitedly, “building!” AMAZING!

i’m glad i skipped work today. i had a great time!


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