19 April 2003 11:01 PM Family Day Today is …

19 April 2003

11:01 PM

Family Day

Today is the fourth day we’ve been at home…it’s holy week in the Philippines. This usually means that the few days before Easter are all legal public holidays, because the country is mainly a Catholic one. My Wednesday was a “forced holiday” (definitely no complaints from me!), and Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday are all legal holidays—read: no work.

No work, no malls, no regular television (thank goodness for cable!). But today, Black Saturday, malls are open again. We decided to have a family trip to the mall this afternoon.

As soon as Stan got back from his game of badminton, Paul and I got ready to go to the mall, The Power Plant in Rockwell. Paul slept quite long in the afternoon so he was all revved up to go by the time we were ready.

Stan wanted to get a haircut so we first checked the barbershop…but they had a whole line waiting so he decided to scrap the plan. We headed for the grocery. Paul got into one of the carts that had a Little Tikes car in front…had a steering wheel that actually moves, plus a horn that honks and a key in the “ignition”. But we had to do the steering ourselves.

Boy, did he have fun! As usual, we first went to the produce section to name and touch all the fruits and veggies he knows (and learn the names of those he doesn’t, yet). There were durians, and he hadn’t seen them up close yet, so I showed it to him and made him smell. I guess they weren’t ripe yet as the distinctive smell of durians wasn’t present.

We made our way around the grocery as he steered the wheel…we even met a friend of mine from undergrad and her family! Also, we bumped into the brother of Teacher Didi, Martin—who’s a doctor and is Stan’s friend.

After, we went to the bookstore called Fully Booked (formerly Page One, and for a while, The Bookstore with No Name—at least, that was what Stan and I called it). Paul knows his way around the place already. He led me to the portion of the children’s books and zoomed to books he wanted to read. It’s probably comfort, but most the books we read were stuff that he had at home already.

He was so excited, he answered all my questions, asked me relevant ones, and was talking and talking and talking!

I figured that half an hour was okay so I finally coaxed him to look for his father in the downstairs section. We saw him and he said he was just going to pay for some books he wanted to buy. We waited outside and together headed for the parking lot.

As we waited at the mall entrance for Stan to get the car, we met, still, another friend! A sister of Paul’s ninang. She and her hubby were having dinner at Country Waffles. This explains why we had a banana when we got home.

We had dinner at The Pen afterwards. Children below three get to eat for free. Paul had noodles, corn, papadam, and dessert of fresh fruit salad: mango, strawberry, cherry and watermelon. Man, and ate he did!

He talked a lot, asked a lot for papadams (because they’re crunchy—I think this kid has the makings of a junkie, just like me!), and reminded that we were going to feed the fish. He also was so excited about the two huge lions outside, guarding the hotel.

It was so nice seeing him so warm, so excited, so carefree. He’s actually beginning to act like a kid his age…makulit (repeating questions more than just five times) and not listening (we had to call his attention several times to hold our hand).

Terrific twos…looking forward to the year ahead!


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