Doctor’s Visit

17 April 2003Yesterday, I took P to see his doctor. Mom and yaya were with us. When we were about to enter the clinic of Dr. Yap, he froze and didn’t even want to enter! It was funny as he literally clung on to dear life! I could have not been carrying him but, he would have held on so tight to my neck.

Mostly, the check-up went well. He had his pneumo shot, and after the next one in a couple of months, we’re done till we’re four! =)

He’s gained 2 lbs over the past three months, and an additional half an inch—today, he’s 42lbs and 3ft3.5in tall. His doctor says his maximum high will, at the very least, be six feet! Also, he’s waaaaay off the scale. It’s a good thing, I suppose, that he’s tall, so he doesn’t look fat at all. Thank goodness!

It was really funny when Dr. Yap was using his stethoscope to listen to P. My mom, in order to calm him, said that the doctor was only saying “hello? hello?” to him. So P was okay to let Dr. Yap do that, except when I asked whether the instrument was cold. He said yes, and so I told him to tell Dr. Yap about it. Paul stuck his face in front of the doctor’s and said, “it’s cold, it’s cold!” Hahahahaha!

It was a struggle when Dr. Yap was going to inject the vaccine into P already. We went to the portion of his clinic that had the examination bed. I could feel P stiffen and sense his negativity. We tried to let him lie down, but he wouldn’t. He was struggling so hard, that he didn’t even know that Dr. Yap had already administered the shot. No cry at all.

I wrote Dr. Yap a nice “love letter”—I had written it during one of my “I’m thankful” days…I think it was a nice letter as I mentioned to him how grateful I am that he’s the doctor of my son, how calming for me that I can call him at anytime of the day, and how he’s always answered my queries.


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