14 April 2003

Sand is known as a material that one can be very creative with. Thus, this is considered as one of the best “toys” by early educators.

For a while now, I have been wanting to get P a sandbox. His generous aunts (my sisters) had gotten him one! It was delivered last Friday–a round blue castle sandbox that has a cover. On Saturday, Stan and I went out in the afternoon to buy him the sand that we were going to put in it. (look at the picture by clicking on this: )

Boy, you should have seen his eyes when he saw the entire sandbox filled up! He couldn’t wait to get into it!

The sand was nice and damp, ready for molding. We played the rest of the afternoon (he didn’t even want to have merienda!)…and not only P had fun, but all of us playing with him!

Sand play is really fun play!


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