sleeping 12 april 2003 very recently, mom a…


12 april 2003

very recently, mom and dad bought a mattress for paul. he’s never really slept in his bed during the evenings (only afternoon naps). before he turned one, he was still nursing and he slept with me. after that, he’s share the bed with yaya…he’s really big now and they’d be too crowded that is why my folks got him a mattress.

just last night, for the first time, i took in his mattress and he slept with stan and myself…for both of us, no worries about flying arms and legs in the middle of the night!

i placed the mattress between my side of the bed and the cabinet. i lined it with pillows so he doesn’t hurt himself anywhere.

eventually, i got up several times just to make sure he was okay. there were times he was half awake, he’d go “hi, mommy!” then i’d scurry down to join him and put him back to bed.

i guess that more or less it was the same for me as it was when he was on the bed, except that i slept for longer periods now, and again, no flying chops or kicks from him (he tends to move around a lot).

just this instance makes me realize that he really is growing up. sigh…i’m a mommy of a little boy now…yes, we’re merely mediums of God to “grow” good children and to eventually let them go to find their place in the world and do good. i hope that when the time comes, i would have taught him well.


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