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Reconnecting with Old Friends

I wrote about my 2010 goals in the beginning of the year. While I have yet to fulfill the rest (I’m doing good with #4, #5 and #6 these days), I’ve been trying to fulfill #7 quite well.

I did take a trip to visit my BFF who’s been living there for more than 20++ years! I had that long postponed lunch with a friend from university, and I finally had dinner last night with two friends from way back. We were together in the student council in highschool.

And it’s been great! I realize today that I have friends I can count on (is it because we all have begun to realize that we have lives to live on our own, aside from our husband and kids??). For a while, I’d be so sad that I didn’t have girlfriends to call for nights out. But then, I now know it’s what I choose to do!

And I choose to reconnect with my friends, I choose to make new ones, I choose to live my life, distinct, though connected, with my family.

I am woman. Hear me RAWR. (from SATC2)

On my bookshelf

Look at the stuff I’ve yet to read!!! My bookshelf’s splitting at the seams. I love books and my most favourite place is a bookstore. I especially like Booksale because I find lots of gems there!!

Ahavia Lounge Spa

I’m not much of a massage person. Only because I’m cheap. I prefer to spend on other things. But one thing I realized after my trip ALONE to BC, is that it is very important to not only give oneself “my time” or alone time, but also to spend on oneself a bit.

S and I found this day spa near us, and we really love it there! (Beware though, lines can be long late in the evening. We suggest calling first before going.)

Ahavia Lounge Spa – 748 7930 and 386 0266

(and because they don’t have a website where the list of therapies are available, I am posting this…mostly for my benefit, so I can just search my blog for the menu of services. HAHAHA!)

Massage Therapies

Point Pressure (60 mins) PhP299

Oriental Ritual (60 mins) PhP299

Western Blend (60 mins) PhP299

Ahavia Signature Massage (120 mins) PhP599 — our favorite!!!

Dessert Essences / Organic Body Spa

The Organic Coffee Experience (90 min) PhP599

Anti-Stress Aroma Salt Therapy (90 min) PhP799

The Oriental Ginger Body Buffer (90 min) PhP799

Hair & Scalp Remedies

Reviving Peppermint (short – PhP149, long – PhP199)

That Minty Feeling (short – PhP149, long – PhP199)

Henna Help (short – PhP199, long – PhP249)

Intensive Protein Therapy (short – PhP249, long – PhP299)

Hand & Feet Therapies

Refreshing Foot Spa (PhP199)

Hand or Foot Reflexology (PhP299)

Spa Manicure with warm massage (PhP149)

Spa Pedicure with quick massage (PhP159)

Add-On Express Spa

Scalp & Head (20 mins) PhP99.00

Legs & Feet (20 mins) PhP99.00

Back & Shoulder (20 mins) PhP99.00

Pressure Point Quick Massage (40 mins) PhP159.00 (concentrates on tension areas like head, shoulder, back and neck)

I’m considering a pedi and foot spa soon!!! Let me know what you think of Ahavia!

Me and my serenitea

I’m working, it’s quiet and I have my serenitea. Ok na!

Lookit Where I’ve Been!

Where in the world can one find all these in one day, and just within miles of each other??



Impending rain. (and eventual rain)

A bit of rain…

Wrap that baby!

When the boys were babies, diaper changing would always be challenging. Most especially when they were around 4-5 months when they began to learn how to turn over. Every now and then, diaper changes turned really messy.

But I guess new parents have a choice now. Check out what I got in my inbox today!

My Pinoy mind tells me “aw….cute….but kawawa naman yung baby!” Hahahaha! I’m sure all other (2 pax?) Pinoy moms out there who read this blog (Hi Mom, Hi Can!) can understand what I mean.

Nevertheless, if you guys decide your malikot baby needs one, check out this SITE.


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